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What Issues Plague Our Church?

In the introductory chapter to DiscipleShift, the authors exhort us to not “jump right in and apply a solution” to fix our church. They assert that chances are, the issues plaguing a church go far deeper than just music.

My question is, what challenging issues do you think we are facing together as a church which go beyond music in the worship service? Certainly we have strong differences of preference when it comes to worship music and even worship styles, but what are the deeper issues? In fact, what do you see as the #1 issue or challenge we need to confront and address as a church, and specifically as a session?

LGBT rights calculator

CNN posted an interactive page today titled, “LGBT rights calculator” which provides interesting insight into where different states in the United States are with LGBT legal issues. The accompanying article is titled, “America is at a crossroads on gay rights.”

The article raises many other LGBT issues beyond marriage, however. These include:

  1. Should states prohibit people from being fired because of their sexual orientation? (A majority of them do not, according to the Human Rights Campaign.)
  2. Should public school teachers be allowed to talk in class about homosexuality?
  3. Should states ban gays from adopting children?

Have the readings and discussions in our class shifted any of your views on these issues? Why or why not?


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Missed Class

I missed class Wed. Are we still following the outline for chapters to cover since we are changing the class length?

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