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Videos Available for Class Members

Remember the videos we’re watching in class are available on a password-protected videos page, using the password we’ve shared/distributed in class. This evening I added the videos for session 3, which are “real stories” about Jon and Jessica.

Our course schedule is available on this site in two places, on the “Love is an Orientation” link in the top navigation bar of our site and also in this post Curt shared on January 9th.

I’ll continue to add our videos to the same password-protected videos page as we move through our course. If you have technical questions or run into problems with this site or the videos, don’t hesitate to ask via a comment here or contact me directly.

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I mentioned the Google project on YouTube, “It Gets Better” during our first session together. I recommend taking a look at some of the videos shared on this site. I’ve seen several which have been very compelling. Tonight I watched “It Gets Better –” Some very positive encouragement here.

this week’s lesson

These are some points that I (Denise) underlined as I was reading this week’s lesson:
1. Jesus didn’t say, “They’ll know you are my disciples by your firm stance on divisive social issues”
2. Even if they (GLBT) were to attend a (church) service or involve themselves in a small group or church activities, they would still be separate, and could never be considered equal unless they became like everyone else – a sinner who doesn’t sin with same-sex attraction.
3. They (GLBT) expressed a yearning to have a different life while struggling with the knowledge that life can never be done over again.
4. Validation is different from affirmation, and it is an essential starting point to take gay people at their word.

What do Christians have against Homosexuality?

At tonight’s first class we watched the YouTube video, “What do Christians have against Homosexuality? Tim Keller at Veritas.” Here is the video in case you missed class or want to watch it again.

I also took some notes during class tonight and posted them over on my Christian Blog, “Eyes Right.”

What are the main points that jumped out at or stuck with you after watching this video? I think this statement was the big one for me:

Heterosexuality doesn’t get you to heaven, so how could homosexuality send you to hell?

This statement doesn’t deny or contradict the view that homosexual behavior is a sin. It points out that the issue of salvation is far more than “just” sexual orientation. When we see alleged Christians demonstrating in the street against homosexuals with signs that read “Gays are going to hell” it’s safe to say those protesters are not thinking very deeply about what the Bible says on the topic of salvation. I thought this was a good point in the video.

Who is Andrew Marin?

This is the biography of Andrew Marin from the FPC Edmond Winter 2013 brochure for “The Gathering.” (PDF)

Andrew Marin is a young heterosexual evangelical Christian male whose whole world was rocked ten or twelve years ago when three of his best friends “came out” to him in the space of three months.  When he prayed about it, he heard God tell him to do something about it, so he and his wife moved to Boys Town in Chicago, where they have been living among L/G/B/T, learning from them what it’s like to be them.  The result has been the formation of the Marin Foundation, dedicated to “elevating the conversation” between evangelical Christianity and the L/G/B/T community.   Andrew relates much of his experience, some of the things he has learned, and his reflections on how we as Christians are called to love our L/G/B/T brothers and sisters in his book Love Is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community.  The book is 200 pages and easy to read. The first meeting we will set out our objectives and to lay the ground rules.  Over the subsequent eight weeks, the class will read one or two chapters of the book before class, reflect on it, journal their questions, and come to class ready to enter into humble and peaceful dialogue.  If we engage the book with open hearts and minds, we will be challenged.  Come join us.


Here is an auto-biographical video about Andrew from the Marin Foundation website.

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Get The Book

If you’re going to attend our January – March 2013 book study on “Love is an Orientation” by Andrew Marin, we encourage you to purchase and read the book! We will be reading and discussing the book’s chapters during our study. You can obtain the book in eBook format or paperback. If you opt for the eBook format from Amazon, remember in addition to reading it on Kindle eReaders you can read it on an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch (with the free Kindle app for iOS) or a laptop/desktop computer using the free Amazon Kindle for Mac or Amazon Kindle for PC software.


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