As I read Chapter 11 “A New Scorecard for Success”, I couldn’t help but think of a football analogy. It is OU/Texas weekend after all!

When a football coach decides to change his offensive strategy from a running team to a passing team, he makes that decision because he believes the change will ultimately improve their results. But that decision is never made lightly or without lots of preparation. The coach has to make sure he has the right players who can execute the new strategy, he has to clearly outline the reasons for the change and the desired results. And then, there is intense training and preparation for months. That’s why teams make these types of strategic shifts in the Spring so they have time to train and prepare. No one would expect a football team to be successful if they decided to shift from running to passing the week before the season started.

I think this analogy makes sense as we anticipate a “DiscipleShift” and move to create a new scorecard for success. It won’t be enough to create the new scorecard and to just say we want more small groups as an example. We have to have the discipline to clearly define the objectives and train the small groups and leaders on the new outcomes we will be measuring.

Before we “tackle” a new scorecard, let’s make sure we have a great playbook and some Spring training.

Mark Moore