It hit me at 1:30 am…remember how everyone was abuzz with leaving the denomination?  Information came from the pulpit, town halls and small groups met, elders and/or other leaders visited Sunday school classes plus much more.

That is the feeling and atmosphere we need to have, now that it can be focused on “making disciples who make disciples.  I think it would be wonderful to exhibit energy and excitement and have lots and lots of different resources/communication for folks.  The questions and the scorecard mentioned in the book are, of course, helpful and a great way to measure if we are folloing our vision. 

Remember that Mateen said he utimately became a Christian because he “wanted what his friends had”?  I think that is what we would want people to think about us (members of First Pres).

Let’s open our hearts and minds and get the creativity flowing!  Oh yes, and “be vulnerable”. 😉