This is the biography of Andrew Marin from the FPC Edmond Winter 2013 brochure for “The Gathering.” (PDF)

Andrew Marin is a young heterosexual evangelical Christian male whose whole world was rocked ten or twelve years ago when three of his best friends “came out” to him in the space of three months.  When he prayed about it, he heard God tell him to do something about it, so he and his wife moved to Boys Town in Chicago, where they have been living among L/G/B/T, learning from them what it’s like to be them.  The result has been the formation of the Marin Foundation, dedicated to “elevating the conversation” between evangelical Christianity and the L/G/B/T community.   Andrew relates much of his experience, some of the things he has learned, and his reflections on how we as Christians are called to love our L/G/B/T brothers and sisters in his book Love Is an Orientation: Elevating the Conversation with the Gay Community.  The book is 200 pages and easy to read. The first meeting we will set out our objectives and to lay the ground rules.  Over the subsequent eight weeks, the class will read one or two chapters of the book before class, reflect on it, journal their questions, and come to class ready to enter into humble and peaceful dialogue.  If we engage the book with open hearts and minds, we will be challenged.  Come join us.


Here is an auto-biographical video about Andrew from the Marin Foundation website.