At tonight’s first class we watched the YouTube video, “What do Christians have against Homosexuality? Tim Keller at Veritas.” Here is the video in case you missed class or want to watch it again.

I also took some notes during class tonight and posted them over on my Christian Blog, “Eyes Right.”

What are the main points that jumped out at or stuck with you after watching this video? I think this statement was the big one for me:

Heterosexuality doesn’t get you to heaven, so how could homosexuality send you to hell?

This statement doesn’t deny or contradict the view that homosexual behavior is a sin. It points out that the issue of salvation is far more than “just” sexual orientation. When we see alleged Christians demonstrating in the street against homosexuals with signs that read “Gays are going to hell” it’s safe to say those protesters are not thinking very deeply about what the Bible says on the topic of salvation. I thought this was a good point in the video.